Ace Diet Pills vs Phentramin-D – A Review from The Ladies Blend

Two of the most popular weight lost medications out on the market today are ace diet pills by Saba and Phentramin-d.

Both of these pills have allegedly shown success with slimming down. I just recently had my second child and needed a way to lose that baby fat. I ended up trying both of these pills and am happy to say that one of them ended up working for me.

I wanted to share my experience with you guys so you can hopefully get a little more information about them.

Ace Diet Pills by Saba

These pills seem to be the talk of the town right now. I found them searching around the Internet and decided to try them. Let’s just say I’m not too happy…I took them and didn’t see much results. I didn’t lose any weight while keeping my normal routine and taking the pills. I also had headaches while taking the pill.

All of the reviews really hyped this pill up, but am pretty sad to see it didn’t pan out. Apparently the old ace diet pills were a lot better. As of now there are new generation as the old generation has been discontinued. Many are experiencing the same problems I had. People who had success with the old pill report not having success with the new one.

Oh No….What to do?!

Well, since Ace didn’t work for me, I ended up getting back on the Internet and searching for some other pills. I had done some reading about how the better weight loss pills are ones that are going to suppress your appetite and in turn you lose weight because you don’t eat as much. As for “speeding up your metabolism” I think it’s a total crock of you know what…Because you can tell if it’s actually speeding up! But with suppression of your appetite, you undoubtedly can.


After running some searches about what pills do this best, I came across phentermine, the thing is, is that this is a prescription med for obese people. Again…More searching and I found some non-prescription, but apparently the closest it gets to legal phentermine. So I took a plunge.

Pretty glad I did considering I could actually feel it working. The fact that it will actually reduce your appetite is pretty awesome. I will add that I did have a little headache when I first started taking it, which I guess is a typical side effect.

I’m a little worried now that I will start building up a tolerance here. But I guess we’ll have to see. I’ll keep this updated as my journy continues.

A company called Lazarus Labs makes it.

I ordered 1 bottle of the product. So I will be putting in another order in the next couple of days. I’ll probably go with 2 bottles to get the free shipping…If I’m feeling crazy!

If you’re interested in checking out the pill go here.


Well it’s not like I’ve lost the whole 30 pounds I want to lose. However, after 2 weeks of being on Phentramin-D I am happy to report that I am see my tummy become a little slimmer and have been able to lose 5 pounds while keeping a normal routine, which doesn’t include regular exercise.
I am going to start exercising as well, so really now maybe we will start to see even more results!